Our way of being and acting in life is the result of a dynamic balance between mind, body and emotion. We can use our body intelligence to change the interpretation of the world we see.
The mobility of the body can connect directly to the essence of who we are and what we want to be.
Our body is a potential treasure. If we incorporate new models in body connection we are able to learn a new way of being and acting.
Using this body awareness through movement, gives us resources to achieve our personal and professional goals. In this workshop you will discover tools to incorporate new models in achieving your goals. We will learn:

  • Primal Dance from the psychologist Daniel Taroppio
  • "Movement Dispositions" from the teacher and coach Rodrigo Pacheco.
It is a practical experience of somatic, reflection and shared action with the group lead by the facilitator.

When: 6th of February 2012
Lillie Road Fitness Center Lillie Road Fulham (London)SW6 7PH
9.30 to 15:30
100 pounds
Register now at:
comfortable clothing is required

Facilitator: Inés Mazarrasa

Master Coach in Body and Movement by Newfield Network. Ontological Coach by Newfield Network. Trained in 5 Rhythms from Gabrielle Roth. Director and founder of Workcilia and Workcilia Coaching. Entrepreneur. Trainer in equality and working life balance, she created coaching programs for promoting equality. Inés offers training and coaching for Management Teams, Body Coaching for companies and individuals. She draws from 14 years experience as Director of Human Resources in multinational Companies.

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