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Inés Mazarrasa Inés Mazarrasa. Director and founder of Workcilia. Ontological Coach certified by the school of Julio Olalla, Newfield Network. Master Coach in Body and Movement certified by Newfield Network. Trainer in programs in Equality and reconciliation of work and personal life. Trained in 5 rhythms from Gabrielle Roth Program.

Designs and develops executive coaching programs for the Steering Committee, Women's Leadership. Is creator of Coaching for Equality that Workcilia helps to implement in companies.

She has taught Somatic Coaching for Gender Violence Prevention in Youth, Leadership Program Plan Equality, companies Steering Committee Breakthrough coaching programs for women, and individual coaching for individuals performing programs.

With a legal background in Labour & Social Security Law (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) and Master of Gender by Universidad Complutense de Madrid for the qualification of gender experts, is a member of the Association of Comprehensive Equality Agents of AECOP (Spanish Association of Coaching Process Consulting) and AEPCO (Spanish Association of Ontological Coaching Professionals). Professor of Contemporary Dance in USA. Contemporary dance student Carmen Senra Dance School (Graham, Jazz).

She is accompanied by a team of coaches from different schools certified by ICF who share a similar vision and work together to develop their core values of life: respect, trust, commitment.

“El día que empecé a aprender, fue el día en que escuché a mis emociones” (Inés Mazarrasa)


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