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Meeting of coaches who want to share what happens when displayed in the drift of service to others, fostering relationships that make us grow from the emotional space.

On November 4 closed AEPCO´s activities during 2011. With 4 MetaVision and 2 Cylinders, has been a year of deep learning where they have shared AEPCO partners from other provinces, not partners that have come to share some of the proposed activities and supporters. We have come to learn, opening doors to new coaches this year as part of the proposal AEPCO´s offers. The Association of Professional Ontological Coaching is open to all professionals of all accredited coaching schools. That can enrich each other and form a united community of learning.

We felt the support and unity with the team in Barcelona where we send our gratitude and soon will launch the new website of AEPCO. The sense of belonging, enrichment of so many observers who have tried this experience has been really fascinating and again reinforces the ontological model of learning from the generation of language as a place where we are tremendously compelling.

By 2012 we aim to gain new and enriching experiences and new friends who we'll be adding to this initiative. CIVSEM deep appreciation that has given its facilities this year to make this commitment comfortable and attractive, from the ease and delivery. We are also in, as a group to facilitate contact between members.

Free Workshop“Talking to my joy”

This year 2011 we held two workshops on "Talking to my joy" and it was fascinating the joy shared in the room, the active participation and the delivery and connection that we have experienced. Besides the coaching experience, we enjoyed the input from those participants who launched specific actions in relation to such powerful emotion, joy. In addition to my deep appreciation for this participation, I am happy to contribute in what I can to the changes that are emerging in the world and the conversations that are starting, and I will continue to share generously.

MetaVision in Madrid of the Spanish Association of Ontological Coaching

The Spanish Association of Ontological Coaching Professionals , AEPCO ( organized in Madrid with the coaches Soledad Dueñas and Inés Mazarrasa, the first MetaVision in Workcilia Coaching facilities. The meeting was a success, a space from sharing with joy, curiosity and openness to what happens to us, as coaches in service to the people. The objective is to share experiences, grow, and talking from the perspective of the observer that we are each "MetaVisualizing" a concern we bring to these meetings and find new possibilities for intervention, finding other ways of seeing.

Coming soon will organize the second Workcilia MetaVision from which Workcilia Coaching impel to continue doing enriching activities such as those held in Barcelona.

Building the power of support

Women need opportunities for reflection, to stop and find our way. Opening a look at what our womanhood and we can not allow us to learn to care, to find our power through the body we inhabit.

We invite you to live these moments for you to explore the power of what you can do with your relationships, find meaningful relationships and share with others the “re know”, get forgotten purposes.

Women's power is within you, explore and take it out.

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Do not know what is coaching? Would you like more information?

Workcilia Coaching is releasing its programs in business and professional meetings in a half hour presentation where we do a completely free coaching practice for you to experience how we work.

  • Recompose your leadership?
  • Finding the motivation?
  • Learn to manage your fears
  • How to communicate effectively
  • To improve the welfare
  • Balance personal and professional life
  • Commitment to equal opportunities between women and men

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